The Impatient Podcast

The impatient podcast is a healthy chat. One that invites patients and professionals to the same table. Where human patients with real life stories can be heard by the health system experts who hold all the power to drive change. Simplify the language. Welcome the vulnerability. Just have a chat about health and how we get there. Together.

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Friday Feb 18, 2022

Welcome back to the impatient podcast.
This week we are diving straight back into the pointy issues: who exactly defines success in our health system? Hint - it doesn't appear to be the patient.
We are so fortunate to be joined by Susannah Castelli, a health professional herself, who shares her very real experience of the health system. Her vulnerability and sincerity, as well as her expert knowledge, come together in what is such an insightful account of the failings of our health system. We hope the system is listening.
We then welcome Dr Philip Smart, colorectal surgeon, for a chat about communication, transparency, the opportunity presented by data, and the tendency for the health system to undervalue patient input.
Another essential conversation. If you are a patient with a story, or a health professional who wants to join our system improvement discussion, please get in touch via our website! | i: @theimpatinentpodcastHosts: Nicole Cooper (@nicolecoopy) & Sean Crank (@seancrank)Guests: Susannah Castelli; Dr Philip SmartMusic: Dean Pratt (i: @dean.pratt)
Please note that the impatient podcast contains interviews with patients who share their experiences of the Australian health system, which include personal accounts of acute and chronic health conditions

Monday Jan 31, 2022

Episode One: Keeping it human
Welcome to the impatient podcast: a place for patient stories, a challenge to patient care, a change for patient outcomes.
We are kicking our conversation off with one of the more complicated questions in health: why can't we just treat a patient like a human?
Sean and Nicole reflect on their own patient weeks and we all learn a little more about lung function tests (and how not to communicate test results).
We are incredibly fortunate to be joined by Adam Cubito, entertainment publicist and bowel cancer patient, who shares his diagnosis, his professional insights, and some truly staggering truths about how plain bad health communications can be.
Enter Joni Thomes, Associate Director at Palin Communication and health communications expert. Joni unpacks the challenges of communicating about bowel cancer - the varied audience, the crowded health conversation, and the perplexing reality of having two names for the same cancer.
And there we have it - a new patient health podcast! The start of a conversation that invites everyone to the one table. We hope you join us there too! | i: @theimpatinentpodcastHosts: Nicole Cooper (i: @nicolecoopy) & Sean Crank (@seancrank)Guests: Adam Cubito (i: @adamcubito | @fckcncrshop | @walterburrito); Joni Thomes ( Dean Pratt (i: @dean.pratt)

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